Marriage, Baby or Dog, Take Your Pick.

In the mean time Daddy and I adopted a dog. I wanted a German Shepherd so badly and I had found one in the News Paper that was free to a good home. He was of the belief that a German Shepherd was too big of a dog for our little house but that didn't matter to me. However it mattered to him and he said no, we should wait until we moved to a bigger house. I went to the kitchen and cried while washing the dirty dishes in the kitchen sink. He came to find me shortly after to make sure I was ok. When he asked what I was crying over I told him "You're making me wait to get married, wait to have children and now i have to wait to have a dog" It's funny now, but at the time I was devestated. So he realized at that point he had to give me something. A few days later we had our dog. Her name was Kodi. And funny enough her favourite person in the entire world is your father.


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