Lemonade anyone?

April. 24

I can't do up my pants! I really can't! I decided that's it! Today I'm going out and buying clothes! So I called Lisa up and told her we were going shopping! When she arrived at the house I handed her a lemon. I told her that when she guess what the Lemon was then I would give her a present. She guessed we were going to make lemonade, we were opening a lemon stand and something about desert... Lisa is always thinking about desert. So I let her off the hook and told her that the lemon was the approximate size of the tiny baby growing in my belly. She laughed and cuddled the lemon and then gave me crap for not telling her earlier and then understood why I needed to go shopping!

So we shopped and I bought some beautiful tops that successfully hide my baby bump. Thank Goodness!


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