Shoe Shopping Time

June. 11

I just learned that some pregnant women's feet grow a whole size! A whole SIZE! That just can't happen to me! I have far too many shoes that I would have to throw away and then replace. Huh... actually when it's put like that it doesn't sound so bad does it? I would get to go shopping. BUT no! that would cost me a near fortune. You just can't do it to me Monster! You've taken control of my boobs, my thighs, my tummy and my butt but please just leave my feet alone! Speaking of which, my feet are swollen. I'm only 5 months pregnant and my feet are already swelling. Not a good sign. I have very tiny ankles and very prominent ankle bones. But right now I am so swollen that I'm completely void of ankle bones. Looks like no more salty pickles for mommy. I'm going to go an pout now.


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