Mighty Michael

Jun. 25

When I was a young girl I had heard of a great Rock legend who had died tragically in his home one evening. The world came to a halt and mourned the loss of Elvis Presley The King of Rock. Massive memorials were held in public parks, fans brought candles and flowers to his home, people every where were devastated and in shock at the loss of this one man, of whom most of them had never met. I grew up loving Elvis Presley's music. There was no question as to why he effected so many people. But it was not until today that I understood for the very first time what it is like to hear the announcement of an Icon's passing. To know that a man who I grew up admiring has died and will never be seen, heard or felt again.

Today I came home from work. I logged onto my computer to check to see if Kristin had responded to a question I had sent her about prenatal classes and the first thing I saw was a message from a girl I know stating that Michael Jackson was dead. Doubt instantly entered my mind. There's no way Michael could be dead. He just can't be.

I walked away from my computer and turned on the TV. If Michael was truly gone from this world every Television station known to man would be covering the story. Much to my horror that is precisely what was occurring.

I watched with skepticism and disbelief. He's not dead. No one could confirm it. He can't be dead. And then the dreaded announcement. The LA coroner announced that Michael had indeed died today. Tears welled up in my eyes, my heart heaved and a sad whimpering "Noooooo" escaped my lips. "NO! No, not Michael, no please no". Tears flowed freely from my eyes. Kota, our dog, stared at me with concern and Mika, my cat tried to cuddle with me when she heard my distress. Even you started to swim around with great effort and vigor. Nothing could sooth me. I was devastated.

It occurred to me then, just how much a man whom I have never met could influence and alter my life. I started listening to him when he was just a child, when he was a teenager I was still just a kid and then he came out with the album Thriller and I was hooked on Michael for life. To say he was a musical genius was a vast understatement. Auntie Mandi and Leigh used to hide behind the couch while uncle Steve and I would sit on it, eyes glued to the TV set, every time the music video for Thriller came on. We would dance in the basement to all his songs, have fashion shows set to his music and I had an autographed photo of him that I would kiss on a regular basis. He was my idol. His music lifted my spirits and excited me no matter what my mood.

But more then that, artistically he inspired me immensely. NO one was more imaginative, original, and aw inspiring then he was. What's more important then his work is that he was kind, and wanted to change the world by getting the message to people that love is the answer to all the worlds problems. There just isn't enough love and understanding and most of all you had to start with the children. You will know what I'm talking about one day. We'll watch his videos and dance to his music together. There is no doubt in my mind that you will love him as much as your father and I do.

And although you may never understand the moment we shared today or why I was brought to tears, causing you to swim around in distress, maybe one day you will be lucky enough to be influenced by an artistic genius who brings out the life in you, the excitement and imagination the way Michael Jackson did for me.


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