Couch Snuggling

12 weeks

In the first couple of weeks of your life out side the womb you mostly slept with me. You were so little and so innocent I had a hard time with the idea of you sleeping in a room all by yourself. So you either slept in our bed between the two of us or on my chest while I slept on the couch. If you were inclined to stay asleep for longer then 15 minutes we would wrap you up tightly in a blue knit blanket that you received as a gift, and laid you down inside a u shaped pillow to protect you from being rolled on top of by your zombie of a father. (Seriously, that man could sleep through a hurricane) But our bed is only a double mattressed bed and you took up most of the room in the middle with that pillow, so we had to lay on our sides with our heads on either side of your pillow so we could see you clearly. We didn't mind though. There was no better way to wake up then to open your eyes to your new born son looking softly up at you as he starts to wake up because he's hungry.

As nice as that was it wasn't often that you slept well on your own. You had not adjusted yet to life outside the womb. So you were at your most comfortable laying face down on my chest where you could hear my heart beat and feel my body heat. I wasn't getting much sleep at that point due to the fact that you were waking up every hour to two hours to feed. So any opportunity that offered a solution to your staying asleep I jumped on it gladly. I willingly admit that I loved those nights. There is nothing better then curling up at night, snuggled and warm with your child who needs you, and for the first time ever, you need him.


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